Best Credit Card Offers

Credit cards are known for their offers which make them preferable over debit cards and cash for making transactions both online and offline. These include credit card bill payment offers, offers on dining, shopping, fuel and more. However, the best credit card deals for you may not be the ideal credit card deals for someone else. This is because the credit card use varies from person to person, thereby limiting the opportunity to make the most of some credit card deals over others. It is therefore wise to check the new credit card offers before applying for a credit card for your everyday use. To help you with the same, we have listed five credit cards that offer some of the best offline and online credit card offers, depending on the type of spend.

Category-wise Top Credit Card Offers

1)      IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card

Works best as- Fuel credit card to save on fuel purchases for your car

The credit card offers on the card are as follows-

  • Get turbo points and fuel surcharge waivers worth up to 71 litres of free fuel in a year
  • For every INR 150 spent at Indian Oil Retail Outlets get 4 Turbo Points
  • For every INR 150 spent on grocery get 2 Turbo Points
  • On other spends, get 1 Turbo Point
  • Get access to Citi Bank’s exclusive concierge service
  • Avail contactless payments at outlets
  • Get up to 15% off at Citi Bank partner restaurants on dining spends

2)              SimplyCLICK SBI Card

Works best as- Online shopping card to enjoy discounts and earn reward points on online spends.

The credit card deals on the card are as follows-

  • Get welcome gift voucher of INR 500
  • For every INR 100 spent on the card, get 1 Reward Point
  • On all online spends get 5X Rewards
  • On online spends made at SBI Card’s exclusive partner platforms get 10X Rewards
  • On fuel spends between INR 500 and INR 3000, get 1% fuel surcharge waiver, worth INR 100, per billing cycle
  • Get INR 499 annual fee reversed on spends of INR 1 Lakh in one year
  • Avail contactless payments at POS terminal

3)              YES FIRST Preferred Credit Card

Works best as- Premium lifestyle card for shopaholics and frequent travellers to enjoy generous rewards, intermiles, vouchers, etc.

The credit card deals you get are as follows-

  • Enjoy 10,000 reward points as a welcome gift for spending on the card within the first 90 days of credit card activation
  • On renewing the card every year, get 7,500 reward points
  • On spends worth INR 100 earn 4 reward points
  • On spends made at restaurants, domestic airlines and travel operators, earn 2X rewards
  • Book flights, hotels and movie tickets from YES bank website, or buy products from YES Bank’s exclusive catalogue using reward points (1 Reward Point = Re. 0.25)
  • Get 4:1 ratio for converting reward points into Intermiles
  • Under the Mastercard World Golf Programme, get 3 green fees waivers at YES Bank’s select golf courses along with 1 complimentary monthly lesson
  • Get 4 free yearly visits as a part of the Priority Pass Membership
  • Get access to YES Bank’s dedicated concierge service and also its automobile assistance via YES ASSIST
  • Enjoy only 1.75 per cent foreign markup fee
  • On BookMyShow, get 25% off on the purchase of movie tickets

4)              Citi PremierMiles Credit Card

Works best as- Travel credit card to earn air miles, avail lounge access and get travel deals and discounts

The best credit card offers are as follows-

  • Get bonus 10000 miles on spends of INR 1000 on the card within 60 days of its issuance
  • On renewal of the card, get 3,000 miles
  • For every INR 100 spent on airlines, earn 10 miles
  • For every INR 100 spent on other categories get 4 miles
  • Across the world, get complimentary airport lounge access
  • Get 2:1 ratio for transferring miles to Airline partner frequent flyer programs

5)              RBL Bank World Plus Super Card

Works best as- Business credit card for availing big annual savings and earning rewards on travel and regular spends

The credit card deals are as follows-

  • Get welcome gift of 20000 reward points
  • On annual spends of INR 3 Lakh get 20,000 reward points
  • On annual spends of INR 5 Lakh get additional 20,000 reward points
  • Get 8 complimentary and unlimited paid access to airport lounges
  • For every INR 100 spent on international and dining expenses earn 20 Reward Points
  • For every INR 100 spent otherwise earn 2 Reward Points
  • Save over INR 55000 annually using the card’s exclusive features
  • Get INR 2400 worth free movie tickets yearly in the form of buy 1 get 1 ticket worth up to 200 in a month
  • Get INR 2400 worth fuel surcharge waiver annually (INR 200 monthly)
  • Avail 50-days interest-free cash withdrawal and 90-days interest-free credit on the card’s cash limit

When selecting the best credit card, it is important to understand what each credit card offers. Match the offline and online credit card offers with the nature of your spends and see which card best blends with your situation. Only by having a thorough as well as a futuristic approach can you avail the maximum benefits of your credit card deals and reward programs. Know more about credit card eligibility!

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