4 smart options for paying your electricity bill online

With time, there has been a paradigm shift in the bill payment process. Online payment gateways have made our bill payments hassle-free. Now, we do not have to visit the electric office and stand in long queues to pay our electricity bills. Online bill payment has made the whole process easier, simpler, faster, and convenient.

There are various smart options to pay electricity bill online. Some options are mentioned below;

  1. Using internet banking

Using the internet banking process is the easiest way to pay your bills. You can use your current or savings bank account to make the payment. The user has to create an internet banking account and login to make payments directly from the bank. Here you can also keep track of your electricity bills and opt for the autopay option so that you do not miss the due date.

  1. Using mobile banking apps and E-wallets

There are different mobile banking applications that let you pay your electricity bills easily. You just have to install the application and register there. Those apps and Airtel Payments Bank also give you attractive cashback offers and discounts on bill payments.

The best feature of these mobile apps is, you can create your mobile wallet here and use the wallet money for making payments. Thus, you do not have to carry money wherever you go or want to make a payment.

There are numerous applications and websites to make mobile payments. Airtel Payments Bank is one of the most used online payment gateways. Here you can pay their gas bills, water bill payment, DTH bills, landline bills, and many others using this bank.

  1. Using credit or debit cards

Debit cards are very handy when you are making an online payment. As the card is directly linked to your account, the money will be directly debited from your bank. You also get some fair cash benefits with debit cards while making payment. Like debit cards, you can also utilize a credit card for bill payments. The free credit can be used for 50 days. One can also get reward points and vouchers on electricity bill payment.

  1. Using UPI apps

UIP apps are a great option for us for online money transactions. There are several banks offering UPI facility. This service is active 24×7. The best feature of UPI transactions is, you do not need any bank details or sensitive information to make the payment. Just a virtual ID is enough for a cash transaction. In one app, you can add several bank accounts so you do not have to install different apps for different banks. There is also a QR code scanner with which you can make offline purchases.

To make payments using UPI, you have to download the app and link your bank account to it. Next, you have to create a unique user Id and link your Adhaar card. When everything is done, you have to set a pin and thus, you are ready for a money transaction.

So, these are all the easy and available options where you can pay an electricity bill online. With all of them, the online transaction process has become quick and hassle-free.

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