How to deal with PTS after a personal injury? Will I get compensation for PTS? 

Post-traumatic stress is a disorder that develops in people often after experiencing shocking, dangerous, or scary incidents. Getting afraid after a trauma is very natural, but for people who continue to experience such problems, you must seek medical help, and there are chances they might have PTSD. If you are facing such an illness, you must contact a personal injury lawyer in LA. They will help you know about the compensation if you face such problems and can guide you with efficient information to deal with such an illness. 

What are the symptoms of PTS? 

The symptoms of PTS are: 

  1. Irritability 
  2. Numbness 
  3. Disturbing flashbacks 
  4. Frequent nightmares 
  5. A high level of anxiety and stress 
  6. Unable to concentrate.

What are the compensations for post-traumatic stress? 

If you are a patient of PTS, which is caused due to an injury in the workplace, then you can claim compensation. The compensation includes medical expenses, loss in wages, and lost income. In case the PTS is less severe than you may claim for the medical expenses and lost income until the treatment is over. 

Contact a personal injury lawyer. 

Hiring an injury lawyer would be one of the best options. They can easily fill up such cases with efficient legal writing and present the evidence professionally and accurately. They will ensure that you get justice. Sometimes an injury lawyer might need the help of professionals like a psychologist or counselor to collect appropriate evidence, which will help them to deal with the case more strongly. An injury lawyer also negotiates with the insurance companies so that you get sufficient coverage that will be required for your treatment purpose.  


PTS sometimes can be very dangerous and can make your life living hell. If you feel that you are going through any of the symptoms mentioned above or something else that you feel is not right, consult a therapist. Not having therapy at the correct time might worsen the situation. You should also consult an injury attorney in such a case to know more about how to handle such a situation and get sufficient coverage. The compensation will help you cover your medical expenses. Do not worry. By following proper advice, you can clear the clouds.

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