Meet The Winners of The 2020’s Mens Hairstyles Collection

In the diverse men’s fashion so saturated with tons of creative and stylish mens hairstyles, it becomes tough to make a choice toward something new. It’s been a long time since men opted for short and strict haircuts for the sake of low-maintenance, practicality, and presentable looks. Modern gents are focused on conveying their character, lifestyle, and unique personality through their hair looks while also searching for ideas that will help them keep up with the latest fashion.

And despite the seemingly endless variety of mens hairstyles, there are still some looks that stand on the top. Having seen the complete collection of popular hairstyles for men created by hair experts from, we’ve highlighted the 5 most requested and trending styles that you certainly don’t want to miss this year. We bet your barber will share our view!

The 5 Hairstyles for Men That Deserve Your Attention

#1. The Pompadour

It’s no longer a secret that today’s fashion follows the footsteps of mods from the stylish retro times. That’s why the good old Pompadour rocked by the King of Rock and Roll still has a huge fan base. The nicely combed sides and voluminous pomp, however, have a variety of facets: you can accentuate the style with a fade to add a modern twist or make the pomp less voluminous to casualize the look.

#2. Spiky Quiff + Fade

Quiffs have been around for years for their endless room for creativity and a versatile approach to all face shapes and hair types. And the spikes are what adds the exclamation point to the modern classics. They can be sharp and distinctive or lightweight and slightly defined – it all depends on the product you apply. As for the finishing touch, nothing will work better than a clean and fresh fade.

#3. Textured Messy Caesar

Who would’ve thought that the Roman general’s haircut would become a crowd-pleaser of the 21st century’s hipsters? Well, we bet that Julius Caesar had no idea he rocked an amazingly customizable haircut. Today, guys love to style the fringe haircut with a textured feel, adding a messy touch as a finish, which looks great on every texture and nicely fits most lifestyles.

#4. Short, Faded & Wavy Crop

Those who have waves needn’t chop the locks off to get an immaculate and sophisticated hairstyle. Now, barbers suggest their wavy-haired clients focus on embracing the texture with a comfy and extremely hip crop. The sides are cleanly faded, gradually transforming into a tight but textured wavy crop – a simple but refined and stylish look.

#5. Sleek Comb Over + Hard Part

Of course, this year can’t do without the classics! A sleek comb over seems to always be the number-one pick of those seeking masculinity and elegance at once. Instead of combing, it’s better to go for a hard part: precision and edginess are the crazes of the year.

Now, every day, every second, a new hairstyle for men is being created. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to get lost in the diversity of ideas! Now that you’ve seen a compilation of the most desirable styles from an experts-approved selection, there’s no way you won’t find your perfect look for this year.

Source: LoveHairStyles

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