7 Must-Have Home Décor Items you Can Shop Online in No Cost EMI

Embellishing your property with fresh decor is one of the best ways to elevate a home space. Whether you have just moved into your home or are looking to refurbish an old flat with stylistic pieces, you are spoilt for choice when you choose to shop furniture using the Bajaj Finserv EMI card online. Not only do you get access to online stores such as Amazon, Pepperfry, Flipkart, and many more, but you now have the option to choose from over 10 crore products payable at no-cost EMI. Here are some home decor items you can now conveniently buy on no cost EMI.

  1. Lampshades

While the purpose may be to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of a light bulb, lampshades today come in a variety of experimental styles. From the classic spider fitter lamp shade which is most widely available, to the more modern clip-on lampshades, you can choose the style that best suits your home’s aesthetics. The benefit of opting for clip-on lamp shades is that they require additional hardware and attach onto the lightbulb directly. The third type of lampshade is the UNO fitter which comes as a big threaded ring in the middle of the top tripod of your fabric shade. When it comes to the design of your shade, playing with colors and textures is the way to go.

  1. Chaise Lounger

French for “long chair,” the chaise lounger is what you commonly see in architectural digests as a kind of royal-looking long upholstered chair that supports one person lying down. In short, a chaise lounger is a mini sofa that is made to be stylish. It comes in a range of fabrics and is usually bold in color, but you have enough options to choose a muted or pastel-colored lounger as well. No cost EMI facility comes in handy with an item like a chaise lounger which can usually be quite expensive. However, chaise loungers make a great addition to your home as they are plush and cozy like a sofa, elevate a homespace,  can be used as a one-person workspace, or can simply be a chair to leisure on.

  1. Coffee Table

A simple addition to a living room or guest room, a coffee table is a kind of low table that is usually placed in front of upholstered chair or sofa for the purpose of storing decorative objects, magazines, beverages, remote controls, and other small items when the room is being used to either lounge by oneself or host guests. A coffee table makes a great space to add further home decor like house plants, tabletop books, and more while offering the utility of being a spot to keep beverages. Some coffee tables come with elegant low seated wooden chairs, and instantly add a modern touch to a living room.

  1. Throw pillows

Beyond adding extra comfort to your sleep, throw pillows make for great home decor whether you want to design a bedroom or living room. There are unlimited styles and designs which you have the freedom to choose from when you are planning the aesthetics of your home. You can choose bold colors with funky designs or go for soft mute colors with no patterns. Shapes and sizes of throw pillows also vary across a wide range. Throw pillows are easily customized to your home’s look as you have so much choice. If your sofa is bare and dull looking, adding two to three throw colorful pillows on it will help its appearance look brighter and more welcoming.

  1. Screens and Dividers

Something you probably didn’t know you can buy using your EMI card online are screens and dividers. These are wooden panels in a zig-zag style that are used as a changing space in traditional Indian homes. However, they make for a beautiful addition to modern homes because of the intricate wooden carvings, high-quality teak or mahogany, and interesting shape that they offer to a bedroom. You can add a screen and divider to juxtapose the style of a traditional Indian home with a minimal modern bedroom. The contrast added by a screen and divider makes your room more interesting, with the wooden carvings adding an elegant touch.

  1. Floating Shelves

Classic shelves have a back that is attached to walls, or they may be attached to a cupboard. Floating shelves are directly drilled into the wall of your home. They may have more beautiful minimal designs that one cannot go wrong with. The simplicity of the look of a floating shelf adds a small but significant style. You get the flexibility to incorporate the shelves with the distance and angle you see suits your home best. While they are elegant looking, floating shelves are also extremely utilitarian as they can be used to keep books, plants, household items, and more.

  1. Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are low hanging lights that can add ambiance to any room in your home, be it a bedroom, washroom, or kitchen. You can choose from a range of sizes, colors, and styles online. Ceiling lights make a room look richer and are incredibly useful when creating a low light ambiance to enjoy your evenings indoors. Since they hang downwards, they can easily be incorporated with your existing light fixtures as they do not take up much wall space. You can find ceiling lights in modern as well as traditional styles, so you have the freedom to choose the kind that best suits your home.Apply for Bajaj EMI Card and shop the latest styles of ceiling lights and other furniture on using the Bajaj Finserv EMI card online.

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