Can I receive compensation for the emotional trauma caused due to personal injury?

Personal injury, be it of any kind is gonna leave a toll on both your physical and mental health. The physical damages are quite obvious and should be dealt with great care and professionalism. Consultancy with experienced medical professionals should be your priority. You can even file for compensation to be paid for the damages and the loss of your work time. But what about your mental health? Well, you can still manage to file for compensation. Yes, mental trauma faced due to any personal injury can be devastating. Wish to know more about how to claim compensation benefits? Click here.  

What do you mean by mental trauma due to a personal injury?

The misconception of personal injury just being concentrated on physical health is largely untrue. Personal injury also includes the loss of mental stability and distress caused due to the same. Symptoms like anxiety, sleep loss, etc, showcase the presence of mental distress. There is no parameter to measure the damage caused due to the trauma faced by an individual, and therefore, the valuation of an amount for compensation can be tough. 

How should I take the approach of filing a lawsuit for my emotional distress?

As mentioned above, the valuation of mental distress can be tough, as there is no proper parameter to measure the loss and trauma faced due to a personal injury. This is where the importance of documentation of your mental distress comes into play. While consulting a doctor about your medical problems, also let him know about the psychological symptoms. A medically well-documented case of mental trauma will help you file a lawsuit. If possible, also maintain a diary where you can write about your feelings of moments of distress. The more evidence you can come up with for your emotional distress, the more the probability of obtaining compensation. 

Can I receive any compensation?

At times, due to the lack of evidence in the courtroom, your claim for emotional trauma can get washed away. You need to come up with a strong set of evidence, and as mentioned above “proper medical documentation”. Situations where after an accident, you face the fear of driving cars, or agoraphobia after any means of assault, etc, are real problems and are compensable.


Mental trauma caused due to any serious personal injury is no joke. Such situations should be discussed with a medical professional and should be dealt with great care. Consulting with an attorney will help you deal with the legal side.

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