Can Parents Be Held Liable If Their Teen Causes An Accident?

Teen drivers have always been a nuisance and a subject of worry for older drivers on the road. This is because teenagers are more likely to disobey traffic laws and be distracted by their phones. You may be surprised to know that if a teen causes a car accident, their parents may share liability. 

You can recover compensation if you or someone you know has suffered severe injuries due to a teenage driver’s fault. However, the case could become complex if the parents are found liable. Speak to an attorney from Zehl & Associates to explore your legal options. 

Teens must abide by the traffic laws 

Just because they are teenagers does not mean that the law will overlook their mistakes. Once they get their license or permit and begin driving on the road with other drivers, they must abide by the traffic laws. If they are found responsible for an accident, they must follow the same procedures an adult would normally follow. 

Unfortunately, many teens believe they can get away after causing trouble because they are minors. This is why they are more likely to be irresponsible on the road. It is important to understand that teenage drivers can be fined and sentenced for reckless actions. 

Can a parent be liable for their teen’s accident?

If a teenager has caused an accident due to negligence and injured another party, the parents could be held liable. If the parents had loaned the car to their child and had knowledge of their child driving the car, they also became liable for the resulting harm. 

A parent should only lend their car to their teenager if they are responsible and skilled enough to drive. If the parent was aware of their child’s bad driving and reckless behavior and still gave the car keys to them, then the liability falls on the parents. 

Moreover, most teenagers do not have car insurance. There is no such thing as teen driver insurance. Therefore, if the other party wants to file a claim and recover their damages, they must file the claim with the parents’ insurance company. However, they will also have to show that the parents were responsible in some way for the accident. 

Contact a car accident attorney today 

If you have been injured in an accident where the driver was a teenager and did not have insurance of their own, you need an attorney to assist you with the case. Situations like this can be complex, especially for inexperienced people. Hire an attorney today. 

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