When do you need an immigration lawyer?

As far as laws are concerned, you don’t need to hire an attorney to apply for an immigrant visa in the United States. If you are eligible and can manage on your own, you can pretty much do things alone. However, immigration laws change every now and then, and if you are unsure of how or where to start, working with a Queens, NY Immigration Lawyer will help. In this post, we are discussing the situations when you need an attorney for your case. 

  1. You cannot figure out the various options. Are you an employer looking to hire people from other countries? Are you a worker looking for a job in the US? There are multiple visa options that a worker can consider, and it can be hard to understand what may work best for your skills and work profile. That’s where an immigration attorney can help sort choices and determine how you can get your visa or Green Card soon. The same is true for family-based visas too. 
  2. You are dealing with immigration court proceedings. Are you facing deportation? Don’t waste your time trying to understand the legalese. Before you step in for the hearing or start preparing for the proceedings, you will need to hire an attorney who can guide you through the process. Once the proceedings are over, your lawyer can further advise you on how to avoid trouble and how the outcome may impact your life. 
  3. You are inadmissible. That’s one of the key reasons why immigrants need an attorney. If the USCIS claims that you cannot live in the US, talk to an attorney. There are various reasons why that could happen, including criminal acts, marriage fraud, or even previous lies said to the government. Long before you start with the application process, consult an attorney to understand whether you should consider making the next move. 
  4. You find the paperwork overwhelming. Dealing with immigration applications is often the hardest part, as considerable complications are involved. If you don’t follow the detailed instructions or make a mistake, you could end up delaying the process by weeks or even months. It is okay to get an attorney when you don’t want to handle the paperwork alone. 
  5. Your application is taking time. More often than not, people face application & paperwork-related delays, and it could be related to bureaucracy. Don’t let the delays caused by the USCIS Service Centers impact your time and plans. 

Call a lawyer now to find more. 

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