Sustaining Injuries in a Slip and Fall: Retain an Attorney When Seeking Compensation

Slip and fall accidents can lead to mild or serious injuries. That is why you may be worried and confused in the weeks after it.  You hope to fully recover and live without chronic pain again. However, medical bills will begin to arrive at your house and you still cannot work. The last thing you want to worry about is getting calls from an insurance claims adjuster. That is why you want the Atlanta personal injury law firm Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys to handle them for you. A trial attorney can represent you even if your case goes to trial. They are willing to negotiate with the insurance adjuster for a fair settlement, but if the latter refuses to settle, your attorney will have to take your case to court. 

Understanding Premises Liability

Every business owner in Atlanta is expected to ensure their premises are always safe for visitors. Thus, they should work to prevent and remedy any dangerous conditions and inspect their business premises for safety hazards. 

Business owners can prevent slip and fall accidents by conducting walk-through inspections of their store areas that the public can open to ensure there are no spills. Also, they should post warning signs in floor areas that may become slippery on rainy and snowy days. 

Proving the liability of a business owner is not the toughest part of your case. In some instances, the harder part is to show that the slip and accident caused your injurie. Insurance adjusters may challenge your argument saying that your injuries may be associated with an older injury. Your attorney will collect medical evidence to prove the link between your injury and slip and fall accident.

Insurance Adjusters Will Try to Trick You

After a slip and fall accident, you must see a doctor immediately to get a medical evaluation. You must prioritize your health and safety. Just let your attorney handle the legal issues for you. Some symptoms of injuries caused by a slip and fall may present symptoms days or weeks after the accident.  

The majority of slip and fall accidents get settled outside of a courtroom. Often, a property insurance company will provide the victim with a settlement to cover their medical bills. To determine the settlement amount, insurance adjusters will contact you to get more information on your accident. Sometimes, they may ask you to give a recorded statement. However, their intention is to trick you into saying something that can be used against you. They will try to catch you saying inconsistent or inaccurate statements. When you grant their request for statements, they may ask you confusing questions. Insurance adjusters are experts in what they do and only a skilled attorney can counter their tactics. 

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