A Week in North Carolina on a $100,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

This week, we’ll sneak a peek at how an operations manager who makes $100,000 per year spends his money.

Occupation: Operations Manager

Age: 44

Location: North Carolina

Salary: $100,000 (approx. $3,800 per pay period)

Day One

It’s Monday, and I decided to treat myself to a brand new luxurious timepiece because, why not? I’m reading a list on The Quintessential Man, and they mention brands like Timex, Swatch, and Seiko. However, I have my eyes on the durable Casio G-SHOCK GBA800-1A, a watch I had been looking for everywhere. They mention its sports features and Bluetooth connectivity.

They also mention this Casio is compatible with my smartphone and has a 3-axis accelerometer to keep track of my step count, as well as a calorie counter. Casio is one of the most competitive brands out there and one of the best watch brands under $200, so before I forget, I will go ahead and buy it.

Total: $127.89

Day Two

This Tuesday, I’m waiting for Durham North Carolina’s exterior cleaning experts to arrive for my scheduled appointment. They get here right on the clock and start pressure washing straight away after explaining what they’re going to be working on today. They are washing my windows, polishing my gutters, and installing gutter guards.

In addition, they are pressure washing my entire driveway to get rid of the mildew and dirt from last week’s rainy weather. They’re even washing my house sidings to remove algae and mildew to prevent further and expensive damages to my home and give it that curb appeal I always desire. I will be calling them in a week or two to pressure wash the pool deck in my backyard.

Total: $768.20

Day Three

It’s hump-day, and I want to go for a nice meal out on the coast. I’m headed towards SeaWitch Cafe & Tiki Bar to meet with some friends. I’m enjoying a nice live music event and a dinner special. I order half a pound of large fried shrimp for the group and some Maryland-style crab cakes for me as the band plays along. I also ordered a couple of beers to forget we’re only halfway through the week.

Total: $79.64

Day Four

Thursday couldn’t have come any faster. Since I didn’t cook last night, I decide to go out with my coworker C. for a quick lunch at The Basics. I ordered an eight-ounce Angus burger with pickles, chili, and Muenster cheese and a lemon cranberry juice to give me a boost before I crash from the food coma. We head back to work where my boss is waiting for me for an “important meeting” that could have been an email.

Total: $56.33

Day Five

It’s finally Friday, and I feel ready for the weekend already. It’s already after hours, so I’m going to pick up my girlfriend R. at her place for a fun night out in town. I take her to grab some sushi at Blue Ginger Sushi and then head out to the Night in the Country Carolinas Music Festival so she can sing her heart out with Miranda Lambert’s songs. We buy a couple of drinks there and head home afterward.

Total: $342.77

Day Six

Saturday arrives, and I still feel the buzzing from last night’s loud music. I take R. out for a very late brunch at Brigs at the Park where I order some chicken and waffles and a large coffee and R. orders cinnamon roll french toast and a small coffee. We conclude our brunch date, and I take her back to her place.

Total: $54.60

Day Seven

It’s Sunday, and I sort of want to go for a bike ride. So I call up R. to see if she’s available today, and she excitedly answers that she is. I go pick her up and we go for a three-hour scenic e-bike tour in the mountains. My week ends here, but the fun continues.

Total: $149.03

Total for the week: $1,578.46

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