What you should look for in a Divorce Lawyer 

The question to ponder upon would be how to find a good lawyer to help with your divorce in westport, ct. Find a few essential suggestions to help you find the best divorce lawyer in the region. 

  • Asking a lawyer 

If you know any lawyer, consider asking him or her for a referral to a good divorce lawyer. He would probably know someone who would devote a considerable portion of the practice of law to divorce and related issues. For instance, a lawyer handling divorce and separation cases for thirty years having an excellent reputation among the local legal community should establish a reputation among the legal community in the region. 

  • Online or yellow pages 

The online realm and yellow pages may not be a great source of information; these could be a beginning source of attorney names. However, lawyers not mentioning divorce, separation, and related areas such as support and custody or division of property are not seeking cases in such areas and do not devote a considerable portion of the practice to those areas. However, you should be wary of advertisements claiming to handle all kinds of family law cases. It would be in your best interest to be prudent when looking for a divorce lawyer. 

  • Lawyer referral services 

The service would be operated by the State Bar of the region. Lawyers should ensure they are on the list and should agree to fixed fees during an initial consultation. You would find a lawyer listed under any category. The names would be on a rotating list and should be given to customers who get in touch with the service. 

  • Consult more than one lawyer 

Consider asking at least three to four lawyers for handling your case. It would be in your best interest to look for a lawyer having specialization in separation and divorce cases. Consider comparing three to four lawyers near you to hire the one suitable for your specific divorce case handling needs. 

  • Using a checklist 

When choosing a divorce lawyer, consider looking for the following aspects – 

  • Experience 
  • Having trial successes 
  • Willing to settle when it is appropriate 
  • Should be reputed in the local legal community 
  • Should be affiliated and member of a recognized bar or association 

These factors would help you find the best divorce lawyer in your region. However, when you find a divorce lawyer, consider discussing relevant aspects of your divorce case rather than telling everything about your life. 

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