Employee Experience

It’s a well-known fact that customer service is one of the most important components of running a successful business. The ability to connect with the customer and develop a relationship has become paramount in today’s marketplace. However, employee service experiences can play a critical role in this important bond. According to studies, physically engaged employees are three times more likely to purchase again after making the purchase. Also, studies show that employee satisfaction makes a significant impact on company profits.

A good employee experience begins long before an individual enters the workplace. All employees must be provided with on-going training and tools to help them learn how to effectively serve customers. All workers in the company should be trained to recognize good customer service practices from bad ones. Good policies and procedures need to be instituted so that all employees know the expectations for their job. All workers need to understand how to handle customer complaints and how to resolve them promptly.

Developing good customer service practices for employees begins before they’re hired. Companies need to have a formalized policy involving their employees’ interaction with customers. This policy should clearly outline what actions employees may be required to take when they witness any illegal conduct or if they witness any discriminatory actions.

In addition, top executives often set up training events or cultural programs for their employees. These programs aim to build relationships and teamwork between people at different levels throughout the organization. When people from different levels interact, they become more aware of and able to recognize common cues and behaviors related to a good customer experience.

A major part of the digital transformation is the implementation of highly personalized experiences for customers. Most customers expect businesses to offer them a one-time product or service, but today’s customers expect much more. They expect to be able to engage with their businesses on a deeper level and to link business objectives and goals to personal goals and aspirations.

To implement the needed changes, organizations need to create a mindset that emphasizes an integrated approach to improving customer service. The focus has to be on creating a great customer experience from the onset – not just when customers interact with a business. It’s also critical that leaders spend a lot of time building strong relationships with people throughout their organization. Finally, organizations need to invest in ways to improve communication between different levels of the workforce. This can be done through training, more effective communications between managers and workers, and by developing more meaningful workplace communication channels.

This blog was written by Ingrid Lindberg, a customer experience speaker and founder of Chief Customer. Her work has spanned the Fortune 500 – including Finance, Healthcare, CPG, Telco and Retail, working with companies to create differentiating customer experience strategies and cultures.

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