9 Practical Tips to Help Maintain Your Two Wheeler

When you purchase your dream bike, you tend to care for it like the toys from your childhood. You make sure it’sin pristine condition at all times. Even a minor scuff is almost heart-breaking. But what are the ways in which you can protect your bike?

One of the important methods to ensure your bike is safe at all times is availing a bike insurance policy. While it is a regulatory requirement too, it is also essential that you prefer to buy comprehensive bike insurance. Getting comprehensive coverage gives the freedom to select the right add-ons to your policy. It enhances the scope of your insurance cover.

Apart from buying an insurance cover to protect your bike, here are a few tips that will help in maintaining your bike in its utmost good condition.

#1 Regular tyre check

Before you set out with your bike, make sure you take a thorough look at the tyres – air pressure, tread, or any anomalies. Keeping an eye on the condition of your tyre is crucial as periodically checking for air pressure levels as directed by the manufacturer. Moreover, the tyre is the only point of contact of your vehicle on the road, and thus it should always be carefully checked and resolved for problems on an immediate basis.

#2 Engine oil

Since the engine is a moving part, it requires lubrication. The engine oil is the lubricating agent for your bike’s engine. With the constant movement of the parts, there is carbon accumulation which is cleaned by the oil. This, in turn, brings all the carbon deposits back into the engine oil chamber affecting its viscosity. As the oil thickens, it will start to interfere in the lubrication function, thus damaging the engine’s life.

#3 Air filter

For the fuel combustion process, your bike’s engine requires an appropriate air and fuel ratio. Here is when the air filter comes into the picture, It cleans the air available in the environment for the right air-fuel mixture. The dusty conditions in India clog up these filter quickly, and one needs to clean them timely for smooth operations.

#4 Engine

If you wish to really take care of your bike, then regular servicing will go a long way in doing so. Maintain valve clearances and clean the carburettor often. Also, pay attention to the spark plug, and make sure the gap is set correctly. If not, then replace the spark plug to take care of the engine combustion.

#5 Battery check

The battery is another area that is prone to wear and tear due to constant use. When you use your vehicle, there is a continuous electric current requirement to show your bike’s vitals, turn indicators, headlamps and power other electronic features. The battery should be inspected periodically for any voltage fluctuations and refilled with distilled water.

#6 Maintain brakes

You need to keep both the brakes spaced and positioned correctly. It needs to be fit perfectly – too tight or too loose can be hazardous. The brakes should be tightened as per your requirement. Oil the brakes and replace the brake pads if there is a persistent screeching sound.

#7 Transmission system

As important is the engine, equally important is its transmission, after all, power is translated to the wheels through this transmission system. Make sure you lube the chain and remove any dirt using a brush. Special oils are available in the market to ensure this periodic maintenance can be done without waiting for vehicle servicing date.

Bonus tip: Your insurance policy may have optional add-ons such that cover loss or damage to accessories, liability coverage for paid driver, and more. Learn more about them and avail such extensions during two wheeler insurance renewal.

#8 Adjusting the clutch

The clutch is used quite often and is used to change the gears of the bike on regular intervals. It needs to be adjusted perfectly – don’t over-tighten it as it leads to increased fuel consumption, and it can also slip without your notice. The correct clutch adjustments need to be in place.

#9 Surface cleaning

Like everything else, your two-wheeler needs cleaning on the surface as well if you want to maintain the surface finish. Clean the motorcycle well, but before that, ensure the silencer, and the ignition switch unit are completely covered. Also, use a soft, microfiber cloth to clean the bike thoroughly. To further maintain the surface finish, park your motorcycle under a shade and avoid direct sun exposure.

To conclude, make sure you take care of the above-listed points for keeping your bike in its best possible condition over its entire life. Taking care of your two-wheeler can come handy at the time of buying or your next two wheeler insurance renewal.Also, when buying an insurance plan, make sure you get hands-on two wheeler insurance premium calculator. This will help you in arriving at an affordable premium amount with the necessary add-ons. Be insured and stay worry-free!

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