Importance of Comprehensive Motor Insurance during Monsoon

Car owners becoming nervous is common once they hear the words monsoon. Does it ring a bell? Remember the last time you were stranded on the streets in drenching wet rains waiting for some help so you can get your vehicle started?

Worry not, that’s not happening when you buy comprehensive car insurance.

Unlike other countries, the monsoon in India is not gentle and ranges from heavy to extreme throughout the country. Your car requires the utmost care before and during the rains. The cases of repairs and damages rise after the first rains hit the shores and the road often becomes slippery, along with cases of waterlogging.

The best way to avoid this damage is to get your vehicle ready pre-showers so that no amount of rains can cause any troubles.

With a comprehensive motor insurance policy, claims can be filed for any damage or repairs required. This damage can be a total loss in case of an accident or minor repairs as required.

In case you feel your coverage is not adequate, you can load it with necessary add-ons. Some additional covers that can be handy are engine protective cover, breakdown assistance and more.

  • Breakdown assistance, also known as Roadside Assistance, is an add-on that can be opted for your comprehensive car or bike insurance. All you have to do is ring up the toll-free number on your insurance policy, and they assist you when you are stranded. Whether you find yourself in a small mishap or breakdown, this can be helpful for you.
  • An engine protector add-on can be useful at times when water logging damages the integral components of your engine. The engine being the heart of the vehicle, any replacement is going to burn a hole in your pocket. So a smart move is to opt for this add-on in your comprehensive motor insurance plan, especially if you are residing in a location which is prone to such incidents frequently.

Let us look at a few scenarios where comprehensive motor insurance can help you. 

  • Flooding – In case of a flood, your vehicle’s engine or interiors could be damaged due to a rise in water levels. So an add-on cover in your insurance policy will help in protecting your vehicle.
  • Hailstorms – These can damage your vehicle by cracking windows and windshields, so it is always better to have a comprehensive cover to safeguard your vehicle.
  • Equipment damage – a comprehensive cover will provide reimbursement for equipment damage, which are permanent installations in the vehicle. However, note, for non-permanent installations, no reimbursement is provided.

Monsoon is the time when your vehicle is most prone to damage. You need comprehensive motor insurance to cover all the scenarios wherein the rains can cause harm to your beloved vehicle. After all, you don’t want your vehicle to stop in the middle of nowhere.

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