Tips to Maintain Your Health During the Rainy Season

With the onset of monsoon, you get the much-needed relaxation from the soaring summer heat. We can witness the temperatures returning to normal, bringing a sigh of relief. Some eagerly wait year long for the rains to return so they can enjoy the earthy scent while sipping a hot beverage, the perfect setup for a weekend of relaxation.

But the change in season brings a host of problems associated with hygiene in foods, and outdoors otherwise. Let us look at the areas that can help you stay healthy and protected during the rains –

Hygiene Practices

  • You can maintain personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently with a disinfectant soap. The outdoors become a breeding ground for the bacteria.
  • Fungal infections are another commonly occurring concern during monsoon. Soaking your feet in lukewarm water and drying them dabbing them with a clean cloth helps avoid fungal infections.
  • Hot shower is the way to go ahead during monsoons. This helps in helping your body get rid of the germs that you might have contracted during the day.

Preventive Measures

A few preventive measures need to be taken with regards to your health. For starters, a medical check-up can come handy to diagnose any ailments that might exist. Your health insurance policy can be useful at such times.

During monsoon, there are high cases of stagnated water sources becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. That might lead to the spread of malaria and dengue. Take care for preventing any clogging of water around your homes.

Guidelines for Consumables

  • This monsoon, make sure you stick to home-made foods and consume boiled water. Herbal drinks come in handy to maintain the immunity of your body.
  • While buying vegetables and fruits, pay special attention to their quality. These vegetables, especially the leafy ones, are laden with larvae, dust and worms that is a cause for frequent stomach upsets in kids and the elderly.
  • Avoid consuming eatables from the street stalls. Often the origin of most health problems begins with consuming street foods.
  • Drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated. The humidity can cause dehydration in your body.

Buy Insurance

Another important area that gets ignored is having an adequate insurance cover. The elderly and the kids are prone to ailments malaria or dengue. The soaring healthcare costs would otherwise prove to be heavy on your pocket. In such times, health insurance plans for family can cover your treatment costs.

Protect Yourself Outdoors

  • It’s about time you get those umbrellas and raincoats ready, so you can avoid getting drenched in the rains, one of the primary reasons for people falling sick.
  • Avoid walking in the showers as it is prone to a range of viral diseases.
  • Avoid stepping in puddles and dirty waters. The drains can overflow and dump the wastewater on the streets filled with germs causing fungal infections.
  • It is advisable to carry a hand sanitizer. They help in staying free of germs that are otherwise found on the various surfaces.

Keep in mind the points mentioned above to have a healthy monsoon this year. Also, don’t forget to make use of a health insurance premium calculator so that you can get the best health covers at affordable rates. Finally, enjoy the lush green monsoon, as it has arrived after an entire year!

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