Is Everything Google Says About Your Reputation True?

Try this out, type in your name, or company name in Google. Examine the initial 10 results on Google’s search engine results pages.

Granted the variable of name commonality, you will presumably detect a Facebook profile, your Tweeter, and perhaps your LinkedIn profile.

You may also see an article from an article you had composed, published, and have long since ignored its existence.

Wait, what if you see something embarrassing, slanderous, private, or just plain wrong?

Now, picture this…what if a potential consumer, employer, or your family sees these negative reviews online?

Would you be ashamed, angry, or downright pissed off?

Due to this, most people turn to online reputation management firms to protect, manage, fix, or build a positive web presence.

This tactic of online reputation management is a rising demand that all businesses are quickly realizing they neglected and need to manage immediately.

Reputation management is used to either suppress or eliminate any inaccurate posts stemming from corrupt individuals trying to cover up bad news, or their past in general.

Furthermore, reputation management is practiced with the assumption that people have the right to determine how their name and/or business name is presented on the internet.

Whereas Google understands that it is still public record, you’ll never know Google’s algorithm determined something as “good” or “bad” they simply present relevant information depending on the specific query of the researcher.

How Online Reputation Management Works

On the most important level striving to suppress slanderous links requires the acquisition of a knowledgable online reputation online agency, such as Net Reputation.

The foremost concern with this is these websites that are making the false, artificial, or defamatory allegations can find a myriad of databases to enable additional ports.

Basically, if you do not handle negativity online fast, it spreads like wildfire. This can make those individuals seem like they are playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

Once they remove one website, they find another, and the process is continually repeated.

Some bad reviews can be amended by sending a few emails and messages to the right people.

While the most common and cost-effective way to perform online reputation management is with search engine optimization.

This encompasses content production by using Google’s systems against the “negative results”, genuinely burying any negative links, with fresh, positive, and relevant content.

There are countless ways to go about this, some are more moral than others. The bottom line is to suppress negative links and posts past page 3+.

Online Reputation Management & Reviews

Furthermore, in regard to online business reviews – unfortunately, all businesses will undergo some form of a reputational crisis.

The importance is whether they were prepared or not. Being proactive and building trust online is the key to a successful future.

In this digital world, it is not hard for one negative review to gain traction and go viral, damaging your business online reputation, which can be the root cause of your decline in business revenue.

The team here at NetReputation has some positive news… with the appropriate approach and procedures, you can efficiently compete against any online negative publicity.

So, to be very blunt. A customer that had a bad encounter with your business will most likely jump through as fiery hurdles to ruin your online reputation.

Customers are more likely to post negative reviews online more often than positive reviews. Do you feel as like your business is being doxxed online or you unfairly slandered? You have options.

Your satisfied clients will proceed to market your business, however, they may not necessarily jump through hoops to post positive comments (which will in effect offset the negatives).

This is quite a predicament, this is when online reputation management comes into play.

What Would Google Do?

Furthermore, here is a fresh Google statement in regards to online reputation management:

“Our goal is to help people find relevant information. So, we don’t condone reputation management campaigns that attempt to hide relevant information. While there is nothing in our guidelines that explicitly forbids reputation management, if we uncover link schemes or other violations, we reserve the right to take action in response. We are constantly working to improve our algorithms to ensure people find the most relevant information possible for their searches.”

In conclusion, if you are unsure where to start contact NetReputation today. The negative post will far outweigh any positives benefits you see online.

It is necessary to have an online reputation management campaign on the ready at all times, that is why here at NetReputation, we offer a 100% FREE ONLINE REPUTATION ANALYSIS.

Whether you do it yourself or contract the service out, it needs to be done. Protect your reputation, protect your business, protect your income.

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