How to Become a Successful Pool Technician

From making sure that pool chemicals are properly balanced to addressing basic pool problems, a pool technician deals with a lot of tasks. You will be mostly working in the hospitality industry as a regular employee. However, you can also choose to build your path by establishing a business. To be a successful pool technician and establish a profitable business, take note of the tips that are briefly mentioned below.

  1. Invest in Your Education

One of the most important is to invest in your education. You do not need formal schooling to be a pool technician. You can take short courses, including those available online. This will equip you with the right knowledge and skills. In turn, it will make you more competent in what you are doing. You will be more capable of addressing basic pool problems and you will be aware of the latest techniques.

  1. Use Pool Service Software

If you are a pool technician who also plans on putting up a pool repair business, pool service software is a must. The latter is packed with features that will make your life a lot easier. For instance, it will be a snap to deal with multiple service requests. You can also use it for planning your route to improve efficiency and make the most out of your time. Plus, it automates invoicing to get rid of billing headaches.

While there are many options for pool service software, one that should be on your radar is Pool Office Manager.

  1. Know the Health and Safety Regulations

As a pool technician, you need to be aware of health and safety in recreational waters. Part of your job is to make sure that the swimming pool is a safe space for its users. From preventing chemical imbalance to ensuring proper electrical wiring, you need to be aware of the safety protocols in swimming pools.

  1. Have Good Customer Service Skills

Being a successful pool technician is easier if you have the right customer service skills. Among others, one of the most important is communication. Clear communication skills will help you better explain to the client what a specific task requires. Also, good customer service skills will increase client satisfaction, which will be good for business.

  1. Market Yourself

Looking for clients can be a hard feat, especially because of the competition. Many other pool technicians are actively looking for customers, so you need to find a way to stand out. One of the most important is to create a website, which will improve your online visibility. You should also build your social media presence. Creating an email list will also help in growing your customer base.

It is common for pool technicians to work as employees in hotels and resorts, among other settings. Nonetheless, you can always move into self-employment and build a business, not just a career. To do this successfully, take note of our recommendations above, such as investing in education and marketing yourself.


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