What are the benefits of using stretch wrapping machinery?

There are several wrapping methods businesses can make use of, but stretch wrapping machinery is a sure-fire way to guarantee the safe delivery of your goods. Below we discuss the benefits that allow stretch wrapping machines to stand tall in the automation process and above all other packaging methods.

Save time and boost productivity

When you look at improving any process, you’re going to be looking for the one that produces twice the quantity in half the time. When you think of the time it takes to manually wrap palettes followed by triple checks, it can be draining, with worker productivity waning over time. With an automated process, you can wrap on average 40 pallets an hour, with some stretch wrapping machinery allowing you to go up to 120 an hour.

Greater protection

Any shipment runs the risk of damage. And that’s without even addressing the issue of all of the dust and moisture that risks setting in, leaving a customer with potentially ruined goods. But the beauty of automated stretch wrapping machines is that their packaging is airtight. You’d be lucky to get even a speck of dirt in one of those packages.

Film costs are reduced

Many businesses are expected to pay a pretty penny for film costs. Luckily, automated stretch wrapping machines come with two film thread rollers where the second roller packs a rotational speed much faster than the first which stretches the film, thus increasing the tensile strength while reducing the overall use and cost of the film.

Larger pallets are more accessible

Depending on the goods you need to send out, you may have found it useful to use larger pallets. Of course, unless you’ve got a legion of bodybuilders on the payroll, you’re going to have a hard time getting this wrapped by hand. And of course, there are the safety risks that come with it. You try manoeuvring a 5-7ft pallet load through an active warehouse and see how far you get. But a stretch wrapping machine will be able to handle the weight of the larger pallets with minimum fuss.

Increased safety for employees

Any logistics environment is going to come with its fair share of health and safety issues. And your employees certainly won’t enjoy endangering themselves any more than they need to. Hand stretch wrapping can leave a few wear-and-tear injuries along the way. But an automated stretch wrapping process does not require much in the way of human interaction. All it takes is a pull of forklift cord and you’re off.

Greater control over your inventory

When it comes to packaging and sending off goods, there is always the risk of product separation, which can make it quite difficult when doing stock controls. Stretch wrapping machines offer clear and consistent stretch wrapping which you can scan straight through with a scanning system, doing away with almost all of the trial and error.

Whatever the size of your warehouse, whatever shipments you are used to sending, an automated stretch wrapping machine promises greater consistency, efficiency and safety for your business.

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