The benefits of packaging machinery

To be competitive and remain profitable, the race is on to do things faster, and better, with less waste and without compromising on quality.

These imperatives run throughout manufacturing life-cycles, from stock control to packaging and warehousing.

However, this pressure to improve productivity is also measured against the concerns of cash flow and carefully controlled capital expenditure.

The biggest ally in finding solutions is of course automation. This article explores the benefits of packaging machinery, especially the improvements now possible thanks to technology supporting automatic or semiautomatic processes.

Make more, sell more, grow profit

Productivity improvements have to be end to end to make a real impact on profitability. This includes making sure that products are ‘finished off’ correctly, quickly and efficiently.

Selecting the right packaging machinery means being able to handle and pack high volumes of items, within the least amount of time.

Finding a great match to your type of product – and its drilled down specifications – provides a packaging machine that can handle items with care too. Your products can be swiftly packed in a way that limits handling and cuts down on damage and therefore waste.

It also reduces labour needs. This is where automated packaging machinery really comes into its own. It takes away the potential for human error, providing you with consistent and fast systems to packet, envelope, box or wrap your products.

Matching customer expectations

The advantage of finding the best fit packaging machine for your operations could also be an improvement in the appearance of your products.

Modern customers have a low threshold when it comes to items that arrive in less than satisfactory condition! Having machinery that places products in suitable containers and wrappers can also be about perception and marketing. Not only will your packaging materials be printed with your brand identity, but the general appearance of your wrap or box could add ‘value’ to the purchase.

Packaging legislation

Having automatic or semi-automatic packaging machinery – boosting productivity and protecting the appearance of your products – also helps you to meet the requirements of legislation and industry guidelines.

For example, label printing can be fluid and faultless, and the product’s integrity is more assured by using specialist machinery to package it up.

Versatility of modern packaging machines

Technology and the skills of engineers have advanced greatly in recent years, stimulating a buoyant and extensive market in packaging machinery.

There are options to carry out a wide range of functions, at high speed and with flawless results.

This includes equipment to cup or bottle, sort products into trays of infinite size values, or measure liquids and solids into any other receptacle. Machines can effortlessly place products into pouches and bags of any size and gauge too and there’s also packaging equipment to wrap, seal, tape and label.

In larger and more advanced automated packaging machines, groups of these requirements are met and synchronised end to end. They can be easily programmed to alter their functions according to the production run.

Other options are single-purpose packaging machines that can be integrated into your existing production processes.

Automation and packaging data

Another important benefit of selecting modern, automated packaging machinery is that it runs on ‘data’; and of course, data is now the currency for continuous business improvement.

Some pieces of modern packaging equipment are not only highly programmable, they are also sources of vital analytical data. Its information that can be used to support your business efficiency and growth.

The price of improvement?

Don’t be fooled into thinking the more advanced the technology, the bigger the price tag. Another benefit of modern packaging machinery is that it can be surprisingly affordable, especially when weighed against the productivity improvements it provides.

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