How to compare Gas and electricity rates?

Finding and comparing the right and the best gas and electricity plan is a bit complicated task. It consists of plethora of features and benefits that needs to be deeply scrutinize. You can anytime contact and ask help from iSelect for better decision making. For an instance, you can compare multiple policies and its rates online. Contact other suppliers too and check out what rates they offer. With iSelect you can know more about how to compare gas & electricity rates. Here discussed are the ways to compare Gas and electricity rates.

Determine the existence and availability of dual or bundled rates at first

Determine the existence of dual rates available with your supplier or any company partner. Dual rates are nothing just the bundling price of gas and electricity at par. In some cases, bundling or dual rates becomes effective instead of purchasing it individually. Such rates are usually kept variable, semi-variable or fixed. Therefore, always ask for dual rates if available. It would be quite economical.

Determine the benefits of fixed rate

In case of price comparison, always select the fixed rate. It would be considered as quite rational decision. Fixed rate refers with the rate that do not change due to the changes into market condition or contract requirement. It will continue to remain fix till the contractual agreement becomes exempt. In case of variable cost, it will vary as per the market condition. At times, it may charge you ceiling price or in few cases, it may shoot to floor price. Once you choose the energy plan after considering all its benefits and features, read all the subject related documents carefully. Sign it only after it is read and understood.

Check out variable cost

In few cases, variable cost can be beneficial if you are not intending to sign the contract. This will help you to breach the plan when the price shoot due to some changes in the market condition. This costs allow you to change and shift your supplier out of some added benefits and discounting factor. Thus, these rates are the best option if you are planning to change with the supplier or energy provider.

Environmental support

Make sure that the energy plan is very well supported with environmental effect. See to it that the energy is generated out of renewable resources like wind. It should not be supported with any of the non-renewable resources. Otherwise, such plan can any time be revoked and interrupted out of government intervention or so. Therefore, always opt for green energy that too with economic benefits at large.

Pay only for use

Compare the rates wisely. Check out the prices individually during morning, daytime, peak hours and night time. The rates of few policies may differ out of the usage pattern. Like, if you stay at home only at night, you need not to pay for entire day for not using the energy. Therefore, contact iSelect and pay only for what and how much you are using.

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