Make a Positive Impression with Round Stickers

Are you running your own business and you’re finding it difficult to market your product? Do you know about the importance of stickers but aren’t sure what way to use them? Stickers and labels are great for boosting brand awareness and attracting new customers. If you want to make an impression, you must consider round stickers. Here’s how to make an impact with smartly designed circular labels.

Why Choose Circular Stickers?

You may be thinking, “why pick circular stickers over other shapes?”, there are many good reasons. For many years, circles have paid a huge role in advertising and marketing. The main reason circles are so popular is because they attract our attention like no other shape does. If you’ve been looking into sticker printing (called พิมพ์ สติ๊กเกอร์ in Thailand) , you may have come across various articles about circular stickers. Research suggests that circles represent unity, love and togetherness. This is what many people feel when they see a circle design. Along with this positive emotion, circles are great at attracting attention. A round shape coupled with bright colours is the perfect label design. In many cultures, the circle often symbolises eternity, a bond that goes on and on and never ends.

How Do You Create Attention with Round Stickers?

The purpose of labels and stickers is to attract attention and increase brand awareness. Just because you have a circular sticker or label, doesn’t mean it will catch your customers eye. It needs to be the right colour and design to ensure maximum effectiveness. Round stickers are incredibly effective when it comes to bringing attention to sales items, discount good and special prices.

  • Think About the Colour

As mentioned before, round stickers are a great shape for branding. But, you need to choose the right colours to give your stickers that wow factor. One of the best colours to use is red, red is effective because it warns us of danger. We as humans, are programmed to react to red colours, the moment we see them we pay attention to the message. Red or yellow is a good colour if you’re using dark text.

  • Keep it Fun & Simple

Round stickers are great when you include bright colours and fun messages. They can be used to sell products or to promote a charity event. A few simple words will let your target market know exactly what your business or organisation is all about. You’ll immediately attract attention with a circular sticker that has bright colours and a simple message attached.

  • Text on the Border

Getting text around the edge of your round sticker is easily done if you work with a label and sticker manufacturer. They’ll be able to customise your design to suit your needs.

Round stickers are one of the best ways to market and sell your product. They can be designed with easy to read messages and striking colour codes. They work well for all kinds of marketing campaigns, attracting attention while giving information at the same time. Round stickers can be used to brand all kinds of goods, including bags, containers and packaging.

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