How to Present a Professional Proposal that Wins the Contract

If you have a proposal that you are presenting soon to a potential client, you must convince them that you are the right choice for the job.

When defining a project, many people find it challenging to figure out how much they should charge or how they are going to collect the money. If you focus mainly on that, you may leave aside other important aspects, making your proposal less effective.

In case you do not have much experience, here are some tips to formulate a successful work proposal to obtain as many clients as possible.

Present technical details

One of the most important factors when preparing a proposal is detailing the technical aspects of the work you are going to do. Even if the client did not specify it, it would give a lot of value to your proposal.

Some details to include could be the result of what you will deliver, functions that your work will fulfil, the elements that it contains, tools to use, among others.

Add a schedule

Every proposal needs to have an estimated date of delivery or completion of the work; however, in a professional plan, you can develop more.

Try to give details of the time you need to execute the project, trying to specify each step with its estimated date or duration.

With this, you are demonstrating to your client that the work will be carried out in constant communication and coordination, in addition to proving that you are an organized and responsible person.

Delivery Method

You must specify how the work will be delivered to the client so that there are no inconveniences in the future. Please detail if the delivery will be in physical or digital, the material, the format, the delivery method and any other specification you deem necessary.

Ask for the requirements

In a project, the client, the supplier and you are all committed to collaborating, so you must ask the client what the supplier should deliver to you to start working.

The requirements depend a lot on the type of work, so you must think about what you will need when working on preparing the proposal.

Securities and payment methods

Your proposal should not focus only on the price but on the value of the proposition in general. Your quote must include a clear service proposal that demonstrates that you are professional and that you know what work is required.

On the other hand, it is advisable to create a table that has space for a summary of what you include in the proposal. You should indicate the workload and the price, specifying whether the value charged is per hour worked, monthly, quarterly, etc. And any other relevant information.

End the proposal

To give a more professional touch and close in the best way, do not ever forget at the end of your proposal to thank your client for having read it. Similarly, do not forget to add your contact information.

Include your name, phone number and email, and, if possible, a link to your website showcasing your previous work.

Use an event proposal template

If you still find it challenging to write a work proposal that attracts the attention of your clients, you can choose to use an event proposal template. You can obtain many models online, which can be a great advantage for when you struggle to define a proposal, or you need to do it as quickly as possible.

You already have an idea of ​​how to present a professional proposal. Often the best way to learn is to practice. Do not be afraid if you make mistakes, learn for the next time and soon you will be proficient in putting together a proposal.

Image Pexels License CCO

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