Choosing a Commercial Laundry – What You Should Know

If you oversee a hospitality operation, such as a restaurant and hotel, you need to make sure your laundry needs are well covered. Not only must you support the linen needs of your kitchen staff, you also need to make the same commitment to your waitstaff and hotel housekeepers. Without the use of a linen and laundry service, you can run into a great deal of expense and customer dissatisfaction.

Therefore, it is imperative that you ask the following, “What commercial laundry service near me offers laundering and delivery of kitchen linens, restaurant linens, and hotel linens?” You want to find a company that offers these three services so you can go to once source for several kinds of laundry needs. Why should you go to one place, then another for the same type of service? Make it easy on yourself and streamline operations by depending on one company.

Show Your Customers You Really Care

If you own a fine dining restaurant, you already know how your table linen can affect your customers attitudes. If you want to make an excellent first impression, you need to add tablecloths and linen napkins to show your customers how much you care.

Remember that a first impression is also a lasting impression. Therefore, making sure the table linen is spotless and attractive will directly speak to your customer. Customers will think that you also take the same pride in preparing the cuisine.

If you don’t rely on the services of a commercial linen and laundry business, you can end up with a great deal of customer dissatisfaction, if not unrest. Napkins and tablecloths, made of linen, help you to pleasantly present your establishment. When your restaurant makes a good first impression, it will be easier to serve guests. Make sure they feel happy about the atmosphere, as well as the food.

Choosing the Linens for Your Hotel Property

Besides enhancing the looks of a restaurant, hotel linens impact a hotel room. You don’t want guests walking into a room that is less than clean and comfortable. He or she should feel like they are in a home away from home. Therefore, it is important to establish your hotel as a top-rated accommodation. You can do this easily if you source your laundering to a premium provider of luxurious towels and sheets.

When choosing linen for a hotel, you can choose from three types of linens from two major categories. Laundry and linen services feature pillowcases, sheet, and towels in elite and premier selections. For instance, you can choose form elite satin stripe pillowcases and duvet covers – of which range from single to super king in size. You can also hire premier linen in satin stripe. Both types of linens are also offered in plain looks.

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